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Monaco Law Firm

Monaco Law Firm

Updated on Monday 26th April 2021

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The goal that creates our Law Firms' identity is to support with successful results all our customers’ requirements by providing prompt and competent legal advice in Monaco.

Our Law Firms in Malta handle a large number of requests, each of them being coped with speed and professionalism and our desire to continue providing quality legal services and to support our customers has resulted in broadening and diversification of the services offered. In this sense, our Law Firms in Monaco aim to be a viable mean of consulting in litigation cases by offering advice in a wide range of procedures, by our ways for achieving our clients’ rights or harmed interests.

Our Law Firms in Monaco also provide professional debt collection for businesses that operate in this country. In this field our concern is represented by optimum debt recovery services without deteriorating the relations between the creditors and the debtors.

Our team is customer-oriented and focuses on creating a sustainable and effective relationship with our clients.

Our Law Firms in Monaco are composed of legal professionals, project management experts and accountants for finance and taxation issues, providing a wide range of services especially adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers.

For any debt collection case we will guide you for the amiable settlement, we will successfully represent you before the Court and we will sustain you in the attachment and seizure actions and even in other post-trial activities.

Opening a company in Monaco may become a demanding action for an entrepreneur, but with our lawyers’ help the entire procedure will be successfully accomplished. Our Law Firms in Monaco will offer you all the needed support and representation for the phases of incorporation provided by the law: the registration at the Trade and Industry Register within two months of starting the business, the notification that must be send to Journal de Monaco, the registration at the Monegasque Institute of Statistic and Economic Studies, the application that must be submitted for the Fiscal Services and the registration of the company’s managers at CAMTI-CARTI.

You should also take in account that our Law Firms in Monaco are able to incorporate all types of structures in this state, companies or partnerships, as you intend to shape your business in Monaco.

If you have a company in which you are the sole shareholder or partner in a firm with more shareholders, you may decide to voluntarily close your company’s activity and the associates need to make an agreement about the distribution of the company’s assets. All these are followed by a liquidation procedure provide by the law.

When the decision to close your company comes as a compulsory measure as decided by the Court, there are other certain rules which must be followed.

For both cases you are advised to work with our Law Firms in Monaco that guarantee professional consultancy in your favor. Our lawyers will find the best solution for your company and they will provide you the optimum means of achieving them. You should contact our Law Firms in Monaco for a customized advice and for further actions in order to liquidate you company in best conditions.

Tax advice is essential for each company in Monaco and this is why our Law Firms in Monaco are constantly working with experts in the accounting area for providing complete services in this field. We are ready to help you with your tax compliance by offering consultancy and representation for VAT, customs duties and other indirect taxes, local taxes, compulsory social contributions, specialized assistance and representation during checks carried out by the tax authority, payroll services and many other issues from this field. Contact our Law Firms in Monaco, ask for their advice and you will benefit from optimum services and actions taken in your favor.

We are also able to take care of your income tax withholding, with special attention to the reporting procedure when the conventions for the avoidance of double taxation are applicable. In this sense, if you are a foreign entrepreneur, you should contact our lawyers in Monaco for more information about the Double Tax Treaties signed by Monaco in order to find out your benefits derived from these provisions.